The first AI-driven wearable in industry

Collects more than 12,000 data points per athlete every second available in real-time

Up to 32 GB embedded memory

18Hz GPS with Assisted-GNSS functionality and Augmentation systems support

Exceptional performance, thanks to concurrent reception of 3 GNSS

Outstanding positioning accuracy where big stadiums and weak signals are involved

Heart-rate monitor with underwater support

Ultra powerful AI-ready microcontroller

3D accelerometer with up to 4000 data points in second

3D gyroscope with up to 8000 data points in second

Full scale state-of-the-art 3D magnetometer

Small size and ergonomic design

Proprietary long-range radio

Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi for connection to external devices

Over The Air Updates

Powered by Nuttx

Private cloud

Fed by thousands of data points every second

AI-driven predictions

Bank-level data security

Cloud and local server data backup option

In-game vs historical data analyses

Long-range communication

Autonomous power for up to 30h

Compact and weather proof design

Smart Case

System mobility is entrusted to a smart case

All the system components secured together for enhanced mobility

Four integrated power supplies with industry leading safety

Hold and charge up to 30 wearables

Base Station charging and securing

Tablet’s safeguard and charging

No additional cables needed