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The power of our complex data-driven insights helps athletes reach their full potential by optimizing training, amplifying performance, and preventing injuries.

Barin Sports 360

Barin Sports 360 combines all performance-related data streams - condition, workload, tactics, functional, medical, leisure, while taking constant LIVE input in the course of a match to provide up-to-the-second REAL-TIME predictive analytics on athletes readiness to play, fatigue control and management, and non-contact injury prevention.

advanced insights


Advanced actionable insights and powerful game management for evidence-based coaching – use data to drive your decision-making

Summarizes the volume of the external load of players, monitoring every small tilt, rotation, direction change, acceleration, deceleration in the greatest detail. Using team and personalized views with slices, you can see who is pulling the team up or down, whether there is a need to adjust the session load or duration, how balanced the performance is during the match, and if there are any abnormal drops indicating a problem in performance.

An insight for the volume of internal load which should be benchmarked and carefully monitored for abnormal deviations. It can be used as an alert and, when combined with Real-time Recovery, it gives a very handy snapshot of the players’ momentary condition. Taken together Total Energy Expenditure, Heart Exertion and Recovery can define the duration of a training session, changes in length and intensity of individual exercises, and adjustments to the entire micro-cycle based on daily targets.

Modern sports is all about explosiveness. High Metabolic Load Distance (HMLD) is a highly used metric to define the accumulation of high intensity efforts. HMLD combines information for player load, agility, accumulated explosive moves, and high-speed running in one parameter. Additionally, looking at the ratio between HMLD and Total Distance is a handy metric helping to reduce volume, and increase dynamics – the “train-smart-not-hard” approach.
Significant fluctuation in HMLD during a match is a powerful indicator for conditioning issues, substitution, pace or tactical change. And since it is a cumulative indicator for many parameters it directs you in the “deep dive” to pinpoint where exactly the problems in performance are coming from.

Gives the ratio between the External Load and the Internal Load – i.e. the physiological stress experienced by the athlete during training compared to the work done. It is the ultimate indicator where condition, workload and performance intersect.

Understand if the players are executing the assigned tasks via minute-by-minute heatmaps, distance between players, distance between lines, squad length, squad width, lines height and width, thirds and ninths, average position. Any breakdowns can be traced via the previous indicators to pinpoint the root causes.


Our goal is to revolutionize the way athletes train and compete

Increase the accuracy of non-contact injury predictions, prolong athletes careers and save teams millions

Drive substitution patterns using data to amplify in-game team performance and ensure winning results

Create personalized periodization and training regiments for each individual athlete to unlock sustained peak performance

Barin Sports is here to expand the limits of athletic performance by combining scientifically-backed solutions with cutting-edge technology

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