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#TeamBARIN: Bulgaria Women’s National Team

Apr 05, 2024

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Partnering with Team Bulgaria Women is a truly exciting endeavor. Being able to track, analyze, and compare their performance, and observe their progress brings us joy and satisfaction. We are grateful to have such a passionate partner who is fully dedicated to constantly developing and embracing innovation and sports science.

“Barin’s system first and foremost provides us with a vast amount of information. Considering that all the footballers gather for a limited time, we don't have such extensive information about them. After the initial training session, we acquire significant amount of information and understand each player's condition – who actually comes after playing in matches, who hasn't played matches for some time. From there, we can plan and periodize the training process accordingly. The system provides us with a huge amount of information and greatly facilitates the coaching staff.”, says Georgi Nikolov, conditioning coach of the team.

We are proud that our partners feel satisfaction working with our top-notch GPS system.

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