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Michaеl Owen: It`s fascinating how technology and sports science evolve

Oct 18, 2023

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Michaеl Owen: It`s fascinating how technology and sports science evolve. I'm thrilled to be at the forefront of this journey with Barin Sports

It's been six months since Ballon d'Or winner Michael Owen joined Barin Sports. During this time, Michael has become intimately familiar with our top-notch product and groundbreaking service and has personally experienced the advantages and benefits of our GPS system. We're thrilled that he is embracing his role as an investor in Barin Sports wholeheartedly, not only lending his name to the brand but also becoming an integral part of the team, fully engaged in the process.

In an interview with our company, he shares his personal thoughts on the product and draws a valuable comparison between the past and present in terms of how technology and sports science have evolved, and their incredible impact on athlete recovery and longevity.

"I don’t think a football club, or a sporting team can really get to the top of their field without an element of data, of sports science. Even though I am retired now, I am still fascinated by the advances that it makes,” said Owen.

Demonstrating a deep interest and knowledge in the field of recovery and injury prevention, Michael Owen emphasizes the importance of data for the long-term health of athletes.

“Once you get fit, a lot of the season is about recovery for the next game. We are not like in the Olympics – the peak there is on one occasion and they are trying to build and build and build for that one moment. We have to stay at a certain level right away through a long, long season. It`s a very demanding game. And I think even more so in a game like that sports science and recovery, and the data are so relevant here,” explains Owen.

The key difference between the past and the current technological developments isn't in data collection but in data analysis.

“In my career, again early on, we were great at collecting data. All these new things were on the market – heart rate monitors and lactate tests, but really did we act upon it? I don’t think we did! But now with all this great data that we can collect, then to have an assistant that can predict when people can get injured, to predict when people are starting to slow down is a fascinating new development,” said Owen.

In Owen's view, sports science will play an even more critical role in the future.

“The opportunities are endless for a coach now. If you are a coach who thinks you know a thing about football and you are going to be successful, without using science and data, then I don’t think you will be. It`s going to be fascinating to see how it progresses in the future, but it`s obviously great to be at the forefront to that with Barin Sports,” said in conclusion Owen.

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