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TeamBARIN: FC “National” Football Academy

Dec 04, 2023

Reading Time: 46 sec.


TeamBARIN: FC “National” Football Academy

Technological advancements are making a significant impact on youth football. An increasing number of academies are recognizing the importance of sports science and professional GPS systems in the development of their players.

We have had the privilege of working with the “National” Academy, a leading youth football school in Bulgaria, for the past three years. It brings us tremendous joy to serve as the technological partner for an organization committed to embracing innovation and sports science, with the sole mission of developing young players and helping them discover and transcend their limits. The way coaches and experts at the “National” Academy take advantage of the vast possibilities offered by our tech has proven incredibly successful, evident in their day-to-day training sessions and on-field results.

In our latest episode of #TeamBARIN, we take you inside the Academy to witness firsthand how our GPS system and the comprehensive 360 service we provide contribute to the growth and development of “National's” players and coaching staff.

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