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#TeamBarin: Cherno More

Sep 12, 2023

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#TeamBarin: Cherno More

Cherno More Varna stands as one of Bulgaria's premier football teams, showcasing remarkable performance since the beginning of the season. Holding currently second place in the league table, they trail the leader, another #TeamBarin club, Lokomotiv Plovdiv, by mere 2 points. Remarkably, Cherno More has remained undefeated throughout the 23/24 championship, even outplaying and securing a victory against the reigning champions, Ludogorets, who have won the league for Bulgarian record 12 consecutive years.

In terms of their approach to the game, Cherno More have left a great impression on football pundits. Led by the 2021 Coach of the Year, Ilian Iliev, they have consistently demonstrated significant improvement not only during this season but also over the past five years since his arrival in Varna.

Five years also marks the duration of our partnership with Cherno More. From day one, we have taken great pride in helping them improve their performance and “outplay” its budget each year. We deeply appreciate that both the coaching staff and players recognize the value of our technology, which has contributed to a notable reduction in non-contact injuries and an overall enhancement in the team's physical condition.

Check the video below to understand HOW our technology aids Cherno More in accomplishing their objectives:

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