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🏆 Best Bulgarian Spinoff Company of the Year!

Sep 30, 2023

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🏆 Best Bulgarian Spinoff Company of the Year!

Our team was honored to receive the prestigious award at the inaugural 'Spinoff of the Year' ceremony in the second edition of the “Spinoff Conference & Horizon Europe” – an initiative dedicated to science-based innovation, deep tech, and technology transfer. Presented to our CFO, Georgi Trankov, this achievement serves as tangible evidence of the unwavering dedication of the entire Barin Sports team to revolutionizing the Deep Tech and Life Science industry, while upholding a steadfast commitment to excellence.

As pioneers in the professional sports technology market, we at Barin Sports believe it is our duty to disseminate and share knowledge and foster healthy competition throughout Europe. We see this as the only way to enhance collectively our capabilities, and explore new and improved horizons for the societies we live in. We embrace Spinoff Bulgaria’s mission to create and sustain a dynamic spinoff ecosystem in Bulgaria and Europe by forging connections between national stakeholders and international partners.

During the conference, Barin Sports was also part of the panel titled “Leading the Charge: Spinoff Success Stories and the EU Champions Driving Innovation.” Georgi Trankov shared intriguing insights about the company’s journey and how we achieved our current success. All of us at Barin Sports cherish the opportunity to tell our story and engage in discussions about the transformation of our society with European organizations, companies, academia, and investors.

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