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Barin Sports Shines at Forbes Innovation Forum & Awards

Nov 29, 2023

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Barin Sports Shines at Forbes Innovation Forum & Awards: Nominated for Innovation Service and CEO Takes the Stage as Keynote Speaker

The third edition of the Forbes Innovation Forum & Awards unfolded with great success, highlighted by a number of engaging speakers, panel and interviews including a captivating speech from Barin Sports' CEO, Vladimir Grozdanov. He blended his role as a company leader with that of a technology guru, delivering a thought-provoking discourse that left the audience inspired. His key points provided food for thought for future advancement and technological innovation.

Additionally, our company won the “silver” medal in the fiercely competitive "Innovative Service" category. While we always strive to be on top, we find it important to acknowledge the profound impact that our fellow winners have on society. Kudos to our counterparts at EnduroSat, the winners in this category, who are providing space services to entrepreneurs, explorers, and scientists. Recognizing the strength of the competition, we, at Barin Sports, are elated that our service earned this exceptionally high assessment. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people during Forbes Innovation Forum&Awards. Together, we share a collective mission – one that mirrors our own – to help society progress through technological innovation. Placing individuals at the core of our endeavors, we remain committed to continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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