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Barin 360 – our sports science high-tech service

Jan 11, 2024

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Barin 360 – our sports science high-tech service

In our role as technology partners for Levski Sofia, one of Bulgaria's leading football clubs, we offer more than just a GPS system. Our focus is on providing a comprehensive understanding of the players' functional and health conditions. As the team enters the preseason phase, effective coordination of all performance data streams becomes critical. Collaborating closely with the National Sports Academy, we employ the latest methods combined with our own algorithms to thoroughly assess the physical condition of the footballers, optimize the training processes and improve the overall functional state of the team.

We ensure Levski receives summaries and insightful analyses, helping them interpret correctly the nuanced data obtained through Barin 360. Our goal is to foster a holistic approach to athlete’s well-being and cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and peak performance. As Levski Sofia undertakes an intensive preseason, our partnership is dedicated to supporting them on their journey, seamlessly integrating technology to limit the number of non-contact injuries, provide them with real-time information regarding the functional status of the players and enhance their overall performance.

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